Coach Yancy

How To Play Youth Basketball

Who is Coach Yancy?

Coach Yancy has been coaching basketball for 36 years.

He first knew that he wanted to coach basketball in high school, when he discovered that his real passion for the game was for studying and teaching. Over the years Coach Yancy has had the opportunity to share that passion with athletes of all ages.

His passion and years of experience have helped him to lead youth teams to victory in the American Youth Basketball Association, and the Bureau of Prison’s staff team to a record of 96-4 over a three year period. He has also coached at many prestigious camps, such as the Michael Finley Basketball Camp and Tim Hardaway Basketball Camp.

Youth players he has coached have gone on to success in high school, college, overseas professional teams, and the NBA.

Coach Yancy started this site to share his lifetime of experience with you and yours. Feel free to contact him with questions at! He loves to get input from his readers.

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